About Us


How it all started

After working in different fields within the flower industry, and traveling to many countries all over the world, John Elstgeest decided it was time to combine two of his biggest passions; flowers and entertaining people.

While traveling for his work John found out that there is an enormous need for knowlegde and inspiration within the flower industry. The knowledge about flowers, (new) varieties and how to use, and take care of them is mostly lost somewhere in the chain because we are working in a fast moving fresh business, with a main focus on selling as quickly as possible.

After talking with several floral designers we decided it was time to launch Flower Circus. In this way we could travel to different places to show, inform and entartain people with flowers to help to increase both knowlegde and sales thoughout the chain.

In October 2016 we started with our first show in Perm, Russia.

Flower Circus today

After the first show in Perm, Lot's of different cities and countries followed, up to this moment we had shows in Russia, Sweden, England, Ukraine, Belaris, Croatia and Romania.

Besides the shows, Flower Circus was also present with a stand at several exhibitions. We showed the products from the companies who joined us both in our stand, as well as on stage.

While we were doing more and more shows, we also needed more Flower Magicians. Now we are working with 4 leading Dutch flower designers on a regular basis. Later we also found a ringmaster (or is it a clown, we are not sure yet) to present our shows.

To make sure you can find all the information about our shows, inspiration and all other info about Flower Circus, our team now also contains a Digital marketing juggler.

Flower Circus tomorrow

We aim to inspire, inform, and entertain as much florists all over the world, to help them make their businness as profitable as possible. As well as helping companies to promote their products to increase both sales and brand awareness.

We want to do this both during our shows, exhibitions as well as online. At this moment we are working on this. If you want to be up-to-date with all the new developments an shows, please sign in to our newsletter.


Email: info@flowercircus.nl

Phone: +31 (0) 850 021 656