Our Artists



'The Circus Director'

John Elstgeest has multiple years’ experience in promoting flowers in Europe and Russia. He is specialized in getting people enthusiastic about a product, by not only by giving facts but by telling the story behind the product.

With his artistic and charismatic way of storytelling during the show, he even gets the most critical florists positively involved with the products.



Besides being a husband, a father of three children, a professional Lilygrower, a flower photographer at It Ain’t Photography, a promotional specialist at YourLily and a writer of children's books (Lili want’s to bloom), Jhon likes to be on the stage. His experience as an actor brought him to our FlowerCircus.

Being familiar with the flower business and knowing people in the industry, he will be able to inform you and entertain you at the same time. Most of his jokes are edgy, across the line and over more than one border. But hey, what can you expect of a guy who can’t grow up and make up his mind what to do. His official title at Flowercircus is “Ringmaster”. But most of the time he looks more like the clown…


'Flower Magician'

Mark Frank is a talented designer in the floral industry, based in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Apart from his passion for flowers, he has a passion for confetti. So better watch out when you attend a show front row when the Flower Magician Mark is on stage!

His specialisms are floral consulting, product development, floral design and styling for events and exhibitions, and consultancy for the mass retail markets in floral products and marketing strategies. He has been working for over 20 years in the floral industry, on both national and international projects.


'Flower Magician'

Martin is a man with multiple (floral) talents. Besides running his flower shop, he is travelling all over the world for demonstrations, exhibitions and flower parades.

During traveling he constantly gets new inspiration for his work. Martin also decorated several royal weddings. In short: a real Flower Magician!


'Flower Magician'

Although Michael van Namen is afraid of clowns, he is more than happy to perform in this Circus. He is a very energetic person, with an unbelievable passion for flowers.

He gets his inspiration from nature around him, trends and shapes. “This keeps me up to date, and lets me desire something beautiful”. During shows and presentations, he can transfer this passion into surprising and creative bouquets and arrangements.


'Flower Magician'

Ruud Hazelaar creates and implements various flower and ambience projects nationally and internationally. He is specialized in floral design, interior objects, event styling, product promotion and booth design.

He stands for creative talent, uniqueness, inspiration, stylish, lifestyle, personality, experience and passion!


'Digital Marketing Juggler'

What is the circus without a Juggler? Julia juggles masterly with a bunch of "digital marketing balls" like social media, advertising, SEO and more to make sure that each flower show will be an unforgettable event not only for attendees but for all the flower circus community!

Email: info@flowercircus.nl

Phone: +31 (0) 850 021 656