Want to inspire your clients, and give them a renewed boost of energy

to increase their creativity and sales?

Invite Flower Circus! We can lighten up your event, open day, exhibition etc.

During our shows we will show, inspire and tell your customers the latest trends, techniques and info.

Of course this is done in our famous Flower Circus way.


In this busy world we almost don't have enough time to talk with our customers.

What if you can invite your customers for a event full of flowers, fun, information, and energy.

In this way you can talk with your customer in a more relexed enviroment, while we will entertain then,

and give them the tools to let their flower businness flourish as never before!!!


Exhibitions are the place to meet a lot of (new) businness parters. Most important question is how to stand out in the crowd, so your company will get noticed between all the others.

With Flower Circus you can either join our stand, or both join our stand, as well have your own place, so you can invite your customers there.


Want to organize a show/demonstration with only products, so you will get the full attention of the audience for your product? ask us for the possibilities, and let us surprise your customers!

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Сurious about the possibilities to book Flower Circus for your event? Contact Flower Circus team!



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