Last weekend Flower Circus had its last show in 2018. This time Circus director John Elstgeest and Flower magician Martin Groen travelled to Chechnya, Russia to inspire, inform and entertain the florists.

What a great interest in our show was expressed! This proved the number of kilometres that most florists had driven to be present at the show. Distances of more than 500km were no exception.


Needless to say that people like to be informed about what is going on in the flower world, both in terms of techniques and in terms of an assortment of flowers and plants. More and more growers are therefore discovering that in this way promoting their product really works. For the wholesaler, this is the perfect way to organize their open day, mainly, share knowledge with customers, and boost the sales.

During the show, Martin Groen made several bouquets and arrangements with the flowers of the breeders who were with the Circus. He explained which techniques he applied, and he showed that the most beautiful results can sometimes be easily achieved.


In addition, John Elstgeest told more about the growers, their products, and how to care for the flowers. Certainly, in places like this, where there is virtually no training for florists, this is of great importance. The local florists found out what they need to do to turn their flower shops into successful and profitable companies.


The fact that people were eager to learn was also shown by the number of questions during and after the show. What's more, we had plenty of photos taken, both of the bouquets and together with Flower Circus team. There was also a musical ending of a local singer. In short, for all florists, this was an educational and fun day out!





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