Circus in action



On the 16th of January Flower Circus visited Perm to perform the first show in 2019!

Flower Magician Martin Groen together with John Elstgeest were there to give the people an afternoon full of inspiration, information and fun. Specially for this occasion, the importer also invited a bride who could show all the wedding work in a beautiful way to the public.

More and more florists know Flower Circus and sometimes come from afar to attend the shows.

This time Martin Groen made many different types and styles of arrangements and bouquets with bride theme. This is to give the florist as much inspiration as possible and to use this in their own shop. Both Martin and John gave more tips about the care and background of the flowers, and tips to get more out of the sales.

Before and after the show all bouquets and the flowers presented by the participating growers and breeders were photographed. This is a good addition to the promotion. What's more, the importer passed on the first orders of the flowers even before starting the show.

The importer and Flower Circus look back on a very successful afternoon, which will certainly get a sequel!


Last weekends Flower Circus had its last show in 2018. This time Circus director John Elstgeest and Flower magician Martin Groen travelled to Chechnya, Russia to inspire, inform and entertain the florists.

What a great interest in our show was expressed! This proved the number of kilometres that most florists had driven to be present at the show. Distances of more than 500km were no exception.

Needless to say that people like to be informed about what is going on in the flower world, both in terms of techniques and in terms of an assortment of flowers and plants. More and more growers are therefore discovering that in this way promoting their product really works. For the wholesaler, this is the perfect way to organize their open day, mainly, share knowledge with customers, and boost the sales.

During the show, Martin Groen made several bouquets and arrangements with the flowers of the breeders who were with the Circus. He explained which techniques he applied, and he showed that the most beautiful results can sometimes be easily achieved.

In addition, John Elstgeest told more about the growers, their products, and how to care for the flowers. Certainly, in places like this, where there is virtually no training for florists, this is of great importance. The local florists found out what they need to do to turn their flower shops into successful and profitable companies.

The fact that people were eager to learn was also shown by the number of questions during and after the show. What's more, we had plenty of photos taken, both of the bouquets and together with Flower Circus team. There was also a musical ending of a local singer. In short, for all florists, this was an educational and fun day out!


On the 16 November, Flower Circus had its first show in Greece, and what a show it was thanks to Dina and her staff!!!

Flower Magician Mark Frank together with Circus director John Elstgeest travelled to Thessaloniki to inspire the florists, who came from over the world, as far as from Albania and Macedonia, and all over Greece.

During the first part of the show we inspired the florists with Christmas arrangements, and after that gave some ideas for Valentine's day. Apart from that, we also told more about the flowers we were using and the companies who sent these flowers.

After the break, we had a wedding theme and a beautiful bride who showed the bouquets and arrangements that Mark has made.

A big thanks for everybody who joined the show, and compliments for Dina and her staff to organise this wonderful day, and the hospitality!


On the 31st of October it was Flower Circus Christmas time at Flowervision Norwich! Flower Magician Michael van Namen together with Ringmaster Jhon Koopman brought the florists a lot of Christmas inspiration just before the start of the season.

We had some great flowers from leading growers and breeders with us to show all the new trends. During the show we had some challenges: Michael had to make a bridal bouquet within 6 minutes, and we had some really talented florists on stage who made a freestyle freesia bouquet, challenging them to do something different with Freesias.

Again a great show in Norwich with great people. Thank you, Gerard, Theo and the rest of the Flowervision Norwich staff for the hospitality!


The 25th of October Flower Magician Martin Groen together with Ringmaster travelled to Glasgow to do a show at the local wholesale of FleuraMetz. Special for the occasion the wholesale put up a (circus) tent outside for the show.

Although it was cold outside, Martin and Jhon gave a magical show to the florists (even the light was magical 😉. During the show we also had some special guests: some of the growers accompanied us, and we're giving the change to tell more about their product and ask questions to the florists.

This made it to a vivid show, where not only the florists learned a lot about the flowers and new techniques, also Flower Circus and the growers went back home with a lot of newly gained information, which will help in future sales.


October 21st Flower Circus with Ringmaster Jhon Koopman and Flower Magician were in London, for a show at FleuraMetz Londen. This young wholesale organised an open day for their customers, and we were there for the floral entertainment. All was very well organised at FleuraMetz, so the preparations were done in record time by Ruud and Jhon.

On Sunday morning Ruud made some real nice arrangements, under which some #freestylefreesia bouquets. This all to give the florists more tips and trics to so they could distinguish themselves from the competition, and the retail. Jhon also informed and entertained the florists,with more information about the flowers and growers. And of course he couldn’t resist using his confetti canon a couple of times!


The 20th of October Flower Circus was invited to come to Irkutsk to perform during the opening of the new building of Irk Flowers. After years of growth, the current building was already stretched to the limit. So another big flower holiday would not fit any more.

Flower Magician Martin Groen together with Circus Director John Elstgeest travelled together with Rob (Deliflor), Danny (Zentoo) and Mozes (MM Flor) to do the show.

The day of the build-up for the show, we also had to go to radio MCM to talk about Flower Circus, and to invite all florists to come to the event. We think we succeeded because the day of the show it was already busy long before the start of the show!

After the official opening (cutting the ribbon) there was a lot of dance and singing. We also celebrated the birthday of Martin Groen. He thought nobody knew it was his birthday, oh boy what was he surprised when everybody was singing for him!

After the congratulations, it was time to start the show. Martin was flying on stage, he made one beautiful bouquet after another! The florists also were very pleased with all the tips and tricks they received about flower sales and florist techniques from Martin. Also the information about the flowers we used, told by John the florists absorbed like a sponge.

Not only after the show but also during the show all arrangements were photographed from all sides! We couldn’t leave the show, without promising we would return soon again for another Flower Circus show in Irkutsk. See you soon again!


After our show in Astana, we flew to Almaty to do a show there as well. Luckily no delays this time...

The weather was also in our favour: we had  25 degrees Celcius!

With the help of people of 3D flowers we could prepare our show in record time, so we were also able to enjoy the weather a bit as well.

The show started at 14:30 and directly we had a good vibe, we had fun, we inspired and received a lot of questions about the arrangements we were making and the flowers and plants we were using. Luckily we also had Otti from Zentoo who could tell all about Chrysanths.

During the show, we also had an Aspidistra master on stage, who showed us a lot of tricks on how to use Aspidistra, and a very talented florist who made a beautiful bouquet!

In short, we had great fun, we did not only showed, and explained, we also learned a lot, and hope to be in Almaty soon again!!!


On the 28th of September, Flower Circus was at 3D flowers to do a show. We were invited by their supplier Enigma Flowers to inspire, inform and entertain the wholesale and their customers.

Mark Frank was just back from an exhibition in Ecuador, and the plan was he would jump in the first plane to Astana... Only this plan didn't work, as the plane was delayed a few times. Luckily he was just in time (4 hours before the show).

The visitors didn't notice the late arrival of Mark at all, he surprised the florists with one surprising design after another. The fact that sometimes the most simple tricks make the bouquet or arrangement looks better helped them a lot they told after the show.

The stories about the growers and their products helped them also understand more about flowers, and how to take care of them. In short: a great show with a lot of renewed energy and inspiration for the florists in Astana!


Right after the Flowers Expo Moscow exhibition, Flower Circus had a show at one of the biggest flower importers of Russia; Golden Flowers. Flower Magician Mark Frank was together with Circus director

John Elstgeest to do the show.

Because of some 'famous' Moscow, Friday afternoon traffic the show started a bit later, but that didn't spoil the mood! During the show, Mark and John showed and told about the flowers and plants they were using, as well as Dennis from Vannova which showed their whole assortment.

During the break, there was a really big cake, so more enough for a cake for the visitors. After the break, one florist took on the challenge to make a bouquet together with Mark on stage, and what a beautiful bouquet she made!


We were excited to visit the International exhibition “FlowersExpo” in Moscow on 11-13 September. During 3 days full of flowers and fun we had ongoing flower demonstrations by not only world top florist Mark Frank, but also our Flower Circus Director John Elstgeest! We had the circus music playing so the visitors simply couldn’t miss our bright stand.

On the first day of the Expo we had a flower show on stage performed by the top florist Martin Groen who managed to make 5 impressive flower arrangements in less than 50 minutes

What’s more, for the very first time we had real circus curtains and the cannon full of flowers! Yeah, we spelled it right, we had a big cannon that from now on will travel together with a small copy of our Circus Director John.

We can speak about the flowers for hours, but as the proverb goes, “it’s better see one time than to hear about it a thousand times” So check the calendar with the upcoming shows and join us next time!

Flower Circus was promoting the following growers at our stand: Beyond Chrysant, Bredefleur, Special Orchids, Florein Gerbera’s, Van der Lugt Lisianthus, Deliflor Chrysanten, Ichtus flowers and Adomex International


Flower Circus was asked to do a presentation during the Royal Floraholland summerfower product meeting on the 6th of September. One of the tasks of Flower Magician Ruud Hazelaar and Ringmaster Jhon Koopman was to hand out the awards for the National Summer Flowers Exhibition. These were among others. the VGB prize, the florists award and the Master Teler Award.

In one hour and 15 minutes, Flower Magician Ruud Hazelaar used the flowers of the winners

in 5 eye-catching creations and then surprised the winners together with ringmaster Jhon Koopman with a confetti shower.

The lack of a proper education sometimes brought our ringmaster into problems (or was it because he was a bit nervous???); Of the 21 Latin names, only one was pronounced right 🤪


On the 28th of August Flower Circus together with Flower Magician Michael van Namen and Flower Circus Director John Elstgeest where in the beautiful city of Oradea in Romania.


This show was outdoors at the company Dacardi. Michael and John entertained the audience which was fully present. Michael made a bridal bouquet in record time, and challenged 2 florists to do the same, and they succeeded!!! At the end Michael also tried to throw a wedding bouquet… and caught it himself


On the 21st of June Flower Circus together with Flower Magician Martin Groen and Flower Circus Director John Elstgeest where for the first time in Romania, at B&P Floral Connection.

This show was with a special theme: Wedding trends arround the world. Martin and John took the audience on a trip arround the world and showed them all kind of wedding bouquets and decorations!


On the 13th of June Flower Circus with Flower Magician Michael van Namen (link to Mark) and Ringmaster Jhon Koopman where at the open days of Flower Vision Lancashire.

This time not only Michael and Jhon were on stage, but we had a great contest with 3 great florists! Whats more, Michael made an 8-minute bridal bouquet.


On the 28th of May Flower Circus with Flower Magician Mark Frank and the Flower Circus Director John Elstgeest where at the just opened wholesale of J van Vliet in Zagreb. This time the show was in a big (party) tent, and what a floral party it was!

Florists from all over the country came to see the show, and the catering and band after the show were great!

Check out the after show movie here!


The 19th of May Flower Circus with Flower Magician Mark Frank (link to Mark) and Circus Director John Elstgeest where at April opt in Kazan.

This show had a special theme: Wedding trends arround the world.

Mark and John took the audience on a trip arround the world and showed them all kinds of wedding bouquets and decorations.

Check out our after show movie here!


The 17th of May Flower Circus with Flower Magician Mark Frank (link to Mark) and Circus Director John Elstgeest where at April opt in N Novgorod. This show was with a special theme: Wedding trends arround the world.

Mark and John took the audience on a trip arround the world and showed them all kind of wedding bouquets and decorations!

Check out our after show movie here!


The 9th of May Flower Circus with Flower Magician Michael van Namen and Ringmaster Jhon Koopman where at Flower Vision in Norwich. This show was one where also the Charmalia specialist Wouter was on stage to tell more about this beautiful flower.

The show also inspired the florists, which left with a big smile and a lot of renewed energy!

Сheck out our after show movie here!

FLOWER EXPO KIEV 17/19-04-2018

From the 17th untill 19th of April Flower Circus with Flower Magicians Martin Groen, Mark Frank and Circus Director John Elstgeest where at Flower Expo Ukraine in Kiev. This was the first time Flower Circus was present as this exhibition, and it will not be forgotten soon!

What an attention at our stand, where the Flower Magicians showed their skills, and the second day with Martin Groen on stage.

Check out our after show movie here!