On the 16th of January Flower Circus visited Perm to perform the first show in 2019!

Flower Magician Martin Groen together with John Elstgeest were there to give the people an afternoon full of inspiration, information and fun. Specially for this occasion, the importer also invited a bride who could show all the wedding work in a beautiful way to the public.

More and more florists know Flower Circus and sometimes come from afar to attend the shows.

This time Martin Groen made many different types and styles of arrangements and bouquets with bride theme. This is to give the florist as much inspiration as possible and to use this in their own shop. Both Martin and John gave more tips about the care and background of the flowers, and tips to get more out of the sales.

Before and after the show all bouquets and the flowers presented by the participating growers and breeders were photographed. This is a good addition to the promotion. What's more, the importer passed on the first orders of the flowers even before starting the show.

The importer and Flower Circus look back on a very successful afternoon, which will certainly get a sequel!


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