The flower market is changing rapidly. New varieties are introduced every day, and wholesalers switch supplier without you knowing about it. How to make sure your company and products are getting noticed in this quickly changing market on the right place; join Flower Circus!

We will promote your company and product in our special Flower Circus way!

We show

During our shows we will show your product with your company name and productname

We inspire

To increase sales we inspire the florists with new ideas and new ways to work with your product

We tell

We like to tell the people the story behind your company and product, and what it is that makes your company stand out of the croud.

We show

'A picture says more then a thousand words.' Can you imagine the power when you could really show your flowers/plants to the wholesaler and florists, so they will not only see it, but feel, smell and enjoy it as well!

This is exactly what is happening during our shows. All flowers/plants will be shown with your company logo and the product name, so the customer knows what to order next time.

We inspire

Flower Circus goes further than only showing your product. Surely the florists might like your product, but as long as they don't know what they can do with it, or how to use it in a commercial design, they most likely will not buy it.

During our show our 'Flower Magicians' will make several designs to give the florist ideas on how to use your flowers in their own work. In this way we want to give them the tools and knowledge to use these flowers in a profitable way.

We tell

Last but not least, we will also tell more about your company, your products, and what it is that makes it so special.

Experience learns us that the more florists know about a product, the more confident they get to sell it.

In this way the florist will learn not only about your story, they also learn jow to take care of your flowers. This story of course doesn't stop during the show, we also take this story online to reach all Flower Circus followers followers online.

Contact us

Interested in the possibilities to promote your company during our shows, exhibitions and online? Contact Flower Circus!



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