Do you want Flower Circus to give a show in your company?

Your (future) clients will love this!






Anastasia Taynikova

A good day ... beautiful, emotional, in one word floral! 😍

Master classes of great florists are always not only useful from the point of view of the new experience, but also inspire unreal !! Especially the wedding theme, which is so relevant with the advent of summer. By the way, the morning snow melted! )))

Thanks to florist Michael van Namen for new ideas, positive emotions and inspiration!


Flower Country:

Today our florists have visited a wonderful masterclass from the Dutch florist of Flower Circus, who came to the city of Novosibirsk, we don't stand still! We raise the qualification of our employees, that would surprise with new and exquisite bouquets of our dear and beloved customers after this show💕


Anna Shabunina - Perm

Thank you for the magic that you have given us in this beautiful day !!!



A day spent with the Dutch florists! Thank you for the fascinating seminar and friendly atmosphere)


Kalinka Fleur:

Dutch florists held a master class in Irkutsk! We really enjoyed! We are imbued with new knowledge, inspired by ideas and increased their skills.


Maria Mikheycheva - Perm

October 27 I was at a seminar of Flower Circus with John Elstgeest and Mark Frank - Dutch wonderful! I will look forward to the next workshop, which will try to be sure to take part. What made it special? Mark taught designer look around and think realistically include your imagination and creativity! Mark taught not so much a technique as a new philosophy. What comes into my head to put flowers on a metallized tape? And, it turns out, it looks awesome!!! Somehow such new terms of AWARENESS things taught me to Mark, which is very nice !!! Well, John, I do thank for about pelmeni phrase. But I'm sure that the sprouts planted at the seminar, even germinate into something extraordinary and beautiful